The Ugliest Cake Ball I’ve made (and a contest!)


Here’s a little break from Holiday cuteness and such. I made, quite possibly, the ugliest cake ball today. I’m not entirely sure how or why I made it, but I did, and it’s fabulous. In order to capitalize on such a disaster and to have some fun, I’ve decided to turn this mishap into a contest. Give this little guy a name, and the winner gets a dozen free assorted cake balls in January.

Are you ready?? Scroll on down.







Here’s my little friend










Sexy, right?!? Like I said, give him a name and the winner gets a dozen free cake balls in January (bakers flavor choice). Ready, Set, Go! Winner will be chosen Thursday, December 22 at 9:30 pm, PST.


  1. I think its “the, the, the…THE GRINCH!” who stole Cakeballs, of course! Um, is it bad that mine turn out that way…a lot? :/

  2. Reminds me of the creepy neighbor lady…. you know the one. With the funky perfume, orthopedic shoes, and the baggy panyhose. So, I would call her:
    Henrietta SNODGRASS!!!

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