Seeing Red


I believe, whole-heartedly, that red lipstick is your fairy godmother. It’ll perk up your face, turn heads your way, and get doors opened up for you. It’s no secret that I LOVE me a good red lipstick but it seems to be the color that can quickly turn your face into something that clearly had a rough night-the kind of night that leaves you with leaves in your hair, orange Dorito powder coating your fingers, and breath that kicks harder than Stephen Gostkowski (Google the name if you don’t know who he is).

The best way to find your perfect lipstick? Go to the make-up counter and have them paint your face with that magic. For the longest time, I just picked whatever caught my eye in the tube, only to find I would be later screaming “Oh….OH, HELL NO!!” And if you’re an online shopper only, suck it up and make the trek to the mall-polish up on those defensive driving skills.

Here are a few of my favorites-I’m a MAC girl. Mainly because I get 30% off as a cosmetologist, but the lipsticks are truly great. They have strong staying power especially when used with the Prolongwear liners. Don’t go thinking you can have a crazy make-out session without looking like the Joker afterwards, but with these you won’t look like the version of the Joker that had a long night as described above.


Ruby Woo: Introduced to me by Melanie from Melanie Rose Baking Co. This looks good on almost anyone. It has a matte finish, so this may not be your cup of tea if you’re the one who CONSTANTLY glosses her lips for continuous shine. It’s a red with cool undertones which are great for making your teeth look whiter (It will not actually whiten your teeth. Just a disclaimer. Don’t act like it didn’t cross your mind). Because of the matte finish, it can be a little drying. Put some Chapstick on before-hand.

MAC Red: It’s so simple it’s mind-boggling. I feel like this is the one that is often forgotten for the lack of a gimmick-y, catchy name. But this is a true-toned cool red with a satin finish. I actually like to layer this over Ruby Woo. It maintains a matte finish but the satin adds a little moisture to the lips.


High Energy (Prolongwear): This has a vibrant orange undertone. To be super sneaky, I use this under the Ruby Woo or Red. It has enough orange to give more vibrancy to the color but it’s more of a subtle orange. Not the Dorito orange.

Trust In Red (Prolongwear): Cool toned red. Great for va-va-voom lips.

Cherry: Great for under Ruby Woo. It’s similar to Trust in Red but not Prolongwear. I don’t own this one.

So, there you have it.

By the way, I love anything having to do with red lipstick and I found this bag on Instagram:

It’s made by Pamela Barsky and she is one of my new heros. I am now the proud owner of this bag and I love it so much. I never want to use it for fear of staining it. So it sits prettily on my counter where I adore it every day.

I also ordered these:


Are you dying from the cuteness? Did you heart just explode from the joy you felt from seeing this? This is made by the amazing Autumn Silva of Marshfellows. Every little creation that she produces will make you want to scream like a 12 year old girl.

Now that you’ve squealed your little heart out, it’s time to get yourself together and slap some lipstick on because I’m giving one away!!! Just comment below with your favorite red lipstick and I’ll randomly draw a winner Tuesday, 12/3/13 at 23:59 (11:59 pm) PST and announce the winner Wednesday 12/4/13.




  1. My favorite red lipstick is a toss up between Relentlessly Red by MAC or Lover by Stila! Ps, I LOVE the Pamela Barksey bags. There is one about putting mascara on in case of emergency(before helping others). I love it!! Have a great day!

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