Ruffles and a Reminder (Ruffle Cake Pop Tutorial)


Warning-if you oppose the SCOTUS ruling on same sex-marriage, you may want to scroll down to the tutorial as you may be offended by the following. It is not my intent to anger you. While we may not agree, I respect your right to your opinion as a free-willed human being. Please extend me the same courtesy.

I’m SURE you’ve heard of the recent SCOTUS ruling on June 26, 2015 regarding same sex marriage. If you follow my Facebook page you may have seen my recent simple support of equality.

Facebook update


Most of you expressed the same sentiment, and there were a few that expressed opposition-I expected it! While I was able to let most negative comments roll off my back-no matter how harsh, crass, or derogatory- there was one that stuck with me. I went to bed thinking of it. I woke up thinking of it. Although I deleted it, I can still very clearly see it in my mind:

“I liked your page for your recipes. Not to have your personal opinions thrown in our faces.”

She also had some other choice words, but this is the comment that hit me.

I wasn’t angry. I wasn’t hurt. I was merely shocked. I was shocked that this woman was upset that I had the audacity to express my PERSONAL opinion on the Facebook page of my PERSONAL blog with a picture of rainbow pops I made 3 years ago. She, in two simple sentences, denounced and dismissed my right as an American citizen to free speech. She was unhappy that I expressed something that she didn’t agree with.

I don’t often express my personal opinions on my blog or Facebook page, but when I do, it’s my right. I promise I will never be explosive, hateful, or dismissive in my public expressions of my opinions, but I ask you do the same. At the end of the day, I want for you what I want for myself- love, peace, and acceptance in your heart.

With that being said, a lot of you wanted a tutorial on how I made those ruffle cake pops. They’re quite easy to make, they just take time and practice.


Ruffle cake pop materials


  • Dipped upside-down cake pops
  • Fondant (I like the Wilton’s brand for this because it’s thicker and sturdier than others)
  • Fondant ruffling device (I don’t know what the official term is for the one I have. One end is a ball, the other is a soft pointy thing)
  • Fondant rolling device (the roller from my child’s Play-Doh set)
  • Fondant cutting device (pizza cutter)
  • Fondant foam mat (optional)
  • Melted chocolate or melts (not pictured)



  • First, roll out your fondant fairly thin. About 1/16″.
  • Take your handy-dandy fondant slicer and cut 1/4″ wide strips about as long as the circumference of your cake pop.
  • I used this end of my fondant ruffling device. I’ve also used the end of a chopstick before.
  • Gently roll the tool on small increments along the strip of fondant. If you have the foam mat, ruffle on top of it. Be gentle so you don’t tear the fondant.
  • Use a toothpick to apply melted chocolate to the cake pop.
  • Attach the ruffle and trim off the excess.
  • Repeat until covered.
  • For the top ruffle, make a thin fondant disc, ruffle the edges, poke a hole in the middle and slide over the cake pop stick,
  • Ta-dah! All done. Here’s a pic of the finished product. Play around with the ruffles if you want them more uniform or dainty. The fondant I used was a bit dry, hence the rough edges.

Ruffle Cake Pop

These, because of the ruffles, can be hard to transport. I let them dry out overnight at room temperature, then use these handy dandy boxes that hold 12 pops from BRP Box Shop to transport.


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