Melting Chocolate


If you saw my last post, you know I love using silicone bowls for melting chocolate for cake pops. They are super quick, the chocolate melts evenly and it’s just magic. However, I recognize not everyone melts their chocolate the same way, so here’s a quick tutorial on my method. Your microwave may be stronger/weaker than mine. Just sayin’…

For this I used about 3 oz. of red Guittard A’Peels. Similar to Merckens, but the Guittard red is like the prettier and sweeter sister of Merckens red.

Here they are in the bowl:

Microwave at HALF POWER for about 40-50 seconds and stir with a non-metal stirring device -I use popsicle sticks, silicone spatulas, chopsticks from last night’s take-out…whatever you like. Stir until you can’t feel any heat coming off the bowl. It’ll look like this:

Pretty, no?

After that, microwave again at HALF POWER for 20-30 SECONDS ONLY! This is where people get in trouble. They get impatient and overheat and being impatient only results in mass chaos and tears in the kitchen. Again, stir until no heat comes off. At this point, my melts had completely melted:

As my friend from Cake Ballers would say, BAM!

If you find the chocolate is still too thick even after all the chocolate has melted, use Paramount crystals (1/2 t. at a time) or shortening (1/4 t. at a time). I’ve personally never used shortening, but I know others have with success. Someone told me they tried vegetable oil with unfavorable results…

So there you have it. Hope it helps!


  1. Hello fellow caker,

    just wanted to say I use canola oil all the time to thin! Works amazing! Also when I melt my merkens I put them in a 16 ” disposable icing bag

    and microwave as you said, then when melted I stretch the bag over a large large like 64 oz 7 11 cup and you instantly have the deep tunnel you

    need and when you are done seal it up and reuse! No big nasty mess! Taaaadaaaaa!

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