Lemme Take a Selfie


Ok, I admit it. I do take quite a few selfies. If you’ve seen my Instagram, I do have my fair share of kissy faces and lipstick boasts.

Recently, I’ve come across several Facebook posts about how selfies are linked to vanity and narcissism, and a few rants from friends about how they’re so sick of seeing everyone else’s selfies. My question is:


We are in a society and culture where women are constantly feeling insecure about the way they look-why do we need to continue to push each other’s self confidence down? Personally, I love seeing people’s selfies. I love that they feel amazing enough about themselves that they want to post a picture. Or that they are experiencing an amazing hair day and want to share it. And yes, I know people will argue that it becomes an obsession or that it further propagates insecurity by generating an unreasonable expectation of what we should look like-but there has to be a balance.

Here’s my challenge to you. If you see a friend’s selfie, say something nice. If you post your selfie below, I will say something nice. We all have the power to make someone’s day-let do it.

But first, lemme take a selfie.



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