Hello, Universe.


Let me start this post by listing a few facts about myself:

  • I am a spiritual person
  • I believe in a higher power
  • I believe in psychics and astrology
  • I believe in science
  • I am a logical person
  • I believe the universe will guide you if you let it

psychic-girlA few weeks ago I found out about  Jusstine Kenzer. Coincidentally, I had JUST made an appointment with my psychic that I normally speak with but, of course, I ran to the internet to stalk Miss Kenzer. She looked legit and with a list of celebrity clients (Eva Longoria!!) as well as multiple outstanding Yelp reviews, so I decided to have a reading with her. I usually prefer to have readings in person, but since I’m in Oakland and she’s a Los Angeles based psychic, I opted for the phone reading. Also, for the record, she is absolutely beautiful!

With all that being said, I also believe people should be wary of “gypsies” when looking for psychic or spiritual guidance. There are people out there who will scam you out of your hard-earned money. Luckily for me, this wasn’t the case with Jusstine Kenzer.

My email interaction with her was great. She’s very responsive and professional. She called right on time, and once I heard her voice, I was totally at ease. She has an outgoing friendliness and made me feel really comfortable talking to her. My reading went as follows:

  • Past life
  • Answering of any questions
  • Healing session

I don’t want to divulge the details of our session (it’s personal!) but I can say, Jusstine is the real deal. If there’s something you need guidance on, she can help. She is definitely a healer vs. someone who will bring ominous news of your impending demise. I’m at a few crossroads in my life, and what she told me helped me to gain confidence in the choices I’m making. I was surprised at a few things she told me-but low and behold, she was right.

Lastly, the healing session…wow.  I haven’t had a healing session since college and I was due. She talks you through a guided meditation, and if you’re open to it, you will feel a warm presence come over you and it will help you to obtain clarity. It’s nice that she offers this at the end of your reading because readings can definitely dredge up some overwhelming emotions.

I highly recommend Jusstine if you’re even a little bit curious about seeing a psychic. Keep in mind, she can only help those who are open to being helped. If you go in with a negative and skeptical mind, she can’t open your eyes to that of what you don’t want to see. With that being said, here are a few tips:

  1. Have your specific questions ready. The more specific, the better. She will only address what you ask.
  2. Make sure if you are going to have a phone reading, to be somewhere free of distractions and/or noise.
  3. Come with an open mind and heart.

Check out her site www.psychicgirl.com and you can join her email list for a chance to win a free reading!



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