Culina Product Review


I was contacted by Culina Products recently to try out some of their products and gladly agreed! They were kind enough to send me three different items: their julienne shredder, cake pop/lollipop sticks, and their 9″ round baking pan.

6″ Julienne Shredder, $19.99 (currently $15.99 on Amazon): Cake Ball Love readers, use coupon code SHREDOFF for an additional 40% off!

At first I thought this was a regular peeler and was pleasantly surprised that it was actually a shredder! It feels nice in the hand, has nice weight to it and is VERY sharp. I used this to shred a carrot for a salad; it quickly and nicely made thin carrot strips which I loved! I recently bought a fancy-shmancy zoodler-after using this I wish I had just bought this. It takes up almost no room and made beautiful strips like the zoodler, but thinner. It was pretty easy to clean and I can definitely see myself using this in the kitchen often.


Lolliz 6″ Cake Pop/Lollipop in Resealable Bag: $5.24 for 200

These sticks are great as well-they’re nice quality and I love that they come in a resealable bag! No more sticks randomly falling out of the bag. Plus the price is definitely one to beat. I highly recommend these for your cake pop, marshmallow pop, lollipop-whatever “pop” needs.


9″ Non-stick Round Baking Pan: $18.95 (currently $9.95 on Amazon)

The real star, though, is their non-stick baking pans. I was really surprised at this pan. It is thick, has great weight to it, heats evenly and is the most non-stick pan I have ever used. I tested this with persimmon bread as well as banana bread without greasing the pan. They both popped out so well-the first one I figured would stick a little-even a teeny tiny bit. Nothing. It came out so well, I actually dropped it no realizing how not stuck the bread was.

I really thought there was no way a non-stick pan could convert me from my old-school aluminum pans-but man, I love this pan. I don’t think you can find a better pan for the price.

Overall, Culina is well on their way to becoming a household name. High quality with affordable prices; grab a few items to give as gifts for the baker/cook in your life, or better yet, to use in your own kitchen for the upcoming holidays!


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