Chocolate Covered Oreos


I finally buckled down and decided to make some chocolate covered Oreos. I kept seeing them everywhere and I loved the way they looked, especially the mini ones (because mini is cuter and therefore more delicious).

I ordered my molds from They have the sturdiest molds and (get ready for my OCD to come out), their molds produce the chocolate covered Oreos with straight sides. The other ones I’ve seen have a slight flare at the bottom and it was enough to drive me bat-ish crazy.

My first attempt was…OK. I pushed the cookies too far to the edge and you could see them through the chocolate. Then when I tried to not push them too deep, they would peep out from the other side. Did I mention I have slight OCD? These f-ers were giving me a run for my money.

So off to social media I ran, asking for tips and tricks. And holy crap did I get them. I tried every single one that was suggested to me and here’s what I came up with.

Mini Golden Oreos

First, get your mini Oreos of choice. I’ve also used the mini Nutter-Butters and that’s pretty damn good.

Golden Oreo

Side note: These jerks contain high-fructose corn syrup. I’ll be making a from-scratch version soon.

Then, get your sandwich cookie mold. Here’s mine.

Spinning leaf cookie mold

Melt your chocolate (I melted mine fairly thin-cake pop dipping thin) and tranfer to a piping bag, aka plastic baggie. Make sure the hole is small enough that the chocolate doesn’t come out tsunami style.


Pipe a small amount into each cavity. Just enough to cover the bottom. Let set in fridge for about 1-2 minutes.

First Pipe

Pipe each well about 1/2 full then place the cookie in GENTLY. It should hit the set chocolate but not break through.

Oreo in Mold


Pipe a LITTLE more chocolate to almost cover the cookie.



Here’s the part that got me-jiggle the mold back and forth rather than tapping it on the counter. Once the chocolate spreads evenly over the cookie, tap it ONCE or TWICE. Otherwise the cookie starts floating to the top and you’ll be so mad.

Filled Mold


Let them set in the fridge for about 30 min (or 5 min in freezer). Turn them over and pop them out, then consume each one with wreckless abandon. Woot.

finished oreos    IMG_2670




  1. I love my Spinning Leaf molds, especially the mini ones. Thanks for the tips. Didn’t know about just “almost” covering the cookie and the jiggle tip. Think I “need” to make some with the mini Nutter Butters. Chocolate & peanut butter…Yum!

  2. Hello,

    Do you use real chocolate or candy melts? Do you temper the chocolate? Yours look so shinny! How do pop them out so smoothly?!

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