It’s me! Pam!



I’m Pam!

A long, long time ago, I started Cake Ball Love – a baking company specializing in cake balls and cake pops. The business became incredibly successful at a rapid rate. My passion for baking-and straight up obsession-led to a lot of information in my beautifully complicated brain. I’ve since stopped selling my products but I continue to bake with as much (if not more) love as I did before.

I have had many learning experiences (there are no mistakes!), which led to wealth of knowledge which I would love to bestow onto others through this blog.

In addition to being an OCD baker, I do hair, am a wife, a mother and I drink my fair share of whiskey – all topics I love to ramble about as well. I used to live in San Diego, and now live in Oakland.

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully something here will bring a smile to your face!